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Panorama - Technologieareal Neutal
Panorama - Technologieareal Neutal

1. Large TechnologyArea provided by the Neutal local authorities

2. Immediate property acquisition is possible

3. Low unit fixed price

4. EU objective 1 region

5. Extensive infrastructure: electricity, natural gas, water and telephone connections, sewerage systems and fibre-optic data link

6. Readily available expertise as a result of established companies

7. Office space within Technologiezentrum Mittelburgenland suitable for further extension

8. Multifaceted educational opportunities within the Burgenland Training Center in Neutal

9. Great potential supply of well qualified workers within the central Burgenland area

10. Ideal location – direct traffic connections to international transport routes, immediate proximity to the Hungarian boarder (approx. 20 km)

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